3 Reasons You Need Bubble Combat at Your Next Event

1. Tuscaloosa, AL has been seriously lacking in inflatable sports

There’s a movement rising up – a fleet of bubbles inflating, if you will. Bubble Combat is a locally owned bubble soccer company that specializes in inflatable sports entertainment in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. If the thought of running around inside an inflatable ball is completely new to you, here’s what you need to know:

  • Bubble soccer is the perfect blend of sumo wrestling and soccer
  • You’ll play a high-impact sport from the safety of a giant bubble
  • Inflatable bubble suits are transparent – no claustrophobia for you
  • The sport has changed the game for corporate team building
  • You can play bubble soccer indoors or outdoors
Email Bubble Combat to schedule your Tuscaloosa, AL bubble soccer event. We’ll bring the equipment and see you at the field or gym of your choice. All you have to bring is your team and high energy.

2. You’ll earn street cred from your squad

Whether you’re a boss, employee or parent, it never hurts to earn a few extra cool points. Create a dynamic athletic experience for your peers or host an exciting birthday party for your kids. Tuscaloosa, Alabama is falling head over heels for bubble soccer and inflatable sport competitions. Email us to pick your bubble soccer date and receive all necessary waivers.

3. Team building is better with bubbles

We know what you’re thinking – bubbles are so kindergarten. But Bubble Combat isn’t throwing it back to your elementary school days. We’re relying on that gnarly competitive streak of yours to reveal itself. When you step inside an inflatable sports suit and enter the world of the bubble, you’ll realize that Tuscaloosa, AL bubble soccer is an experience like no other.

Feel the exhilaration for yourself when you schedule a team building bubble soccer session for your:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Staff
  • Class
  • Sorority
  • Fraternity
Before you know it, you’ll be working together to clinch bubble soccer victory – no bubble wands necessary.

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